Financial Development is office for accounting and financial consulting that offers you a complete accounting service. As a serious office, we have based our business on the continuous improvement of our employees in order to provide our clients with a competent service. Detailed benefits of ourourcing accounting are described on our blog Why choose outourcing accounting.

Financial development provides you with the following accounting services:

  • Keeping the general ledger
  • Inventory, amortisation and revaluation of fixed assets
  • Merchandise accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll services
  • Keeping payment transactions
  • Clearing value added tax (VAT return)
  • Tax returns on property tax
  • Making financial annual reports
  • Statistical reports for Goverement institutions
  • Bookkeeping entrepreneurs agencies

Calculation of earnings

A very demanding and sensitive area is Payroll. The calculation of payroll is a business secret and the most sensitive business topic to be entrusted to a person or to an external office of trust. Accuracy in billing ,as well as expert  advice for management, is the basis of our approach to calculating earnings for our clients. For you, we perform a complete calculation of salaries and other payments to individuals, management reporting as well as advice on how to engage employees.

Financial Development can do a complete guiding for you, or you can choose only certain segments to your needs.