A very demanding and sensitive area is the calculation of earnings. Payroll is a business secret and the most sensitive business topic to be entrusted to a trusted person or external office. Accuracy in calculation, as well as expert management consulting, is the basis of our approach to payroll calculation for our clients. For you, we perform a complete calculation of salaries and other payments to individuals, management reporting and advice on how to engage employees.

Advantages of external payroll management:

  1. Specialized staff dedicated only to the calculation of earnings
  2. Fixed cost of earnings calculation
  3. Secrecy and confidentiality of information
  4. Experience in tax and labour inspection controls
  5. Customized reports tailored to management needs (including reporting in English)
  6. Regular payment within the agreed deadlines (no delay due to the employee’s absence during vacation or sick leave)
  7. Continuous education and daily monitoring of legislation regulations

Complete payroll services include:

  1.  Salary calculation and management reporting
  2. Personal administration and employee registration
  3. Non-resident employment services
  4. Legal counseling in the field of labour relations

The Office for Accounting and Financial Consulting “Financial Development” can provide you with complete earnings management, or you can engage us only for certain segments according to your needs (mainly for payroll for management of the company only). In line with the needs of modern business, companies increasingly choose to manage payrolls externally, primarly because of external expertise and cost optimization, while directing their employees to other jobs that add value to the company.

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