One of the key business aspects is to look at the tax approach in an enterprise business. By planning and reviewing the tax position of the company, we provide tax advisory services in order to enable tax optimization in accordance with the tax standards prescribed by the Tax Administration. Our tax advisors with their approach minimize your tax liability. Through continuous monitoring of tax regulations and education, we create the knowledge base of our tax advisory employees in the most complex tax transactions. We provide our complete service by looking at our clients’ overall business to provide the most optimal solution to your problem.

Tax advisory services:

  1. Tax planning and counseling: value added tax, corporate income tax, property tax, withholding tax, personal income tax and other forms of tax.
  2. Representation during tax control: Includes preparation for the arrival of the tax inspector, representation as authorized person in the procedure, communication with tax authorities as well as preparation of appeals, notes and other legal remedies in the procedure for the protection of the client and the exercise of his legal rights..
  3. Tax due diligence: Includes a complete review of tax compliance by a tax authority for a specified period or specific tax transaction. Preparation of tax risks in taxation and payment of tax liabilities of all types of taxes in order to identify errors and find the most optimal tax solutions.
  4. Transfer pricing: Includes an overview of the adequacy of transfer pricing and preparation of a transfer pricing study .

Financial Development’s team consists of experts in all areas of the tax business, so we offer tax advisory services at all stages of the company’s existence. With our experience in specific fields, we make fundamental opinions when choosing the right solution.

Advantages of using tax advisory services:

  1. Compliance with legal regulations to control business risks
  2. Avoiding penalties when being controlled by the Tax Administration
  3. Reducing business costs
  4. Higher predictability of operating costs for longer-term business planning
  5. The quality and wide range of practical knowledge of tax advisors

The members of our team will be fully aware of your business and its specifics parts in order to be able to see the specific problem, that you have addressed to us, from all angles. Every single request for us is a business challenge to which we dedicate ourselves professionally and responsibly in order to provide our clients with quality tax advisory service. The partnership we have with our clients is the foundation that is built on the way we provide our services with commitment.

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